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All you need to know for your Santorini Boat Experience

Usefull Information

Rent a Boat in Santorini with Blue Waves Cruises

The boats of Blue Waves Cruises Rent a Boat in Santorini are fully equipped to ensure an absolutely safe cruising experience. All boats feature safety equipment, third party insurance, emergency smoke signals, lifejackets for adults and children, signal flares, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. We will be on call for anything you might need during your cruise, and we guarantee that the perfectly maintained boats of Blue Waves Cruises will make your cruising adventure an unforgettable experience from Santorini to treasure forever.

Common Rental  Questions

Can I handle the boat?

The types of boats provided by Blue Waves Cruises are easy to steer and handle, and we will give you a detailed briefing on navigation upon our meeting, so you can enjoy a carefree sailing experience in Santorini.

What if the cruise is cancelled?

If your booked cruise is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, we would be more than happy to offer a refund or to reschedule your sailing experience in Santorini.

What if I want to cancel the cruise?

If you wish to cancel your cruise with Blue Waves Cruises then please check our cancellation policy.

Are fuel expenses included in the price?

Fuel expenses for your cruise are to be paid at the end of your cruise. The vessel is delivered fully fueled. 

Are there any limits on where I can go with the boat?

As we will brief you in our meeting, you can sail around the island of Santorini, the volcanic coasts of the east side and in the caldera, the volcano and the island of Thirassia. Sailing to the open sea and to other islands must be discussed with the Blue Waves Cruises staff before departing. 

How do you charge for the fuel spent?

We check the fuel at the embarkation and disembarkation and the price is based on the local prices of fuel. 

Are the boats equipped with a sun tent?

All Blue Wave Cruises vessels are equipped with a sun tent.

Are there lifejackets for kids?

Lifejackets for both adults and children are on the boat for all participants of the cruise.

Are the boats pet-friendly?

You can have your pet on board with you as you sail around Santorini with Blue Waves Cruises.

Should I book a boat in advance?

It is highly recommended to book your cruise in advance to ensure availability on the desired date and time.

Which is the best tour?

The coasts of Santorini and nearby islands have many spots to stop and enjoy the volcanic scenery. As we will guide you with tips and suggestions during our briefing, here are some spots that you can’t miss. The unique Red Beach and the neighbouring White Beach, the Hot Springs and the Volcano, the island of Thirassia as well as the hidden gem of Aghios Nikolaos islet at Oia.

Do you provide snorkeling equipment ?
If you wish to dive into and explore the underwater beauty of Santorini, we can provide snorkeling equipment upon request.
Is there fishing equipment on the boat?
We can provide fishing equipment, upon request, so that our guests enjoy an immersive experience in the Aegean Sea.
Usefull Information

Rent a Boat in Santorini now

If you are ready to exlpore Santorini, then booking a cruise with Blue Waves Cruises Rent a Boat Santorini is easy. Sellect boat and we will provide you with all the details on your boat trip. State your contact details, clarify the type of boat (with or without a licence requirement) you wish to charter, the preferred date and the number of passengers, and we will get back to you with all the pricing details. Then we will meet you at the Vlychada marina with guidelines and more details about your cruise.

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Loved every moment!

We rented a motorboat from Blue Waves Cruises Santorini for our honeymoon and I can tell you, one day is not enough. The people of BW made sure to give us plenty of tips for must-visit spots, and we loved each and every one! Amazing experience, can’t wait to go back!

Jane K. UK

A memorable experience

We rented a motorboat from Blue Waves Cruises Santorini and I can tell you, one day is not enough. The people of Blue Waters made sure to give us plenty of tips for must-visit spots, and we loved each and every one! The boat is really easy to handle, so you don't have to worry.

Mark Jenkins, NL

Thank you Blue Waves Cruises!

Great experience, definitely recommend! Everything was perfect on our cruise, the sea, the sun, the boat had everything you could think of and the beaches were just dreamy! The staff of Blue Waters Cruises is really friendly and helpful! Thanks Blue Waves, we will come back to Santorini soon!

Greta Willen, Gävle Sverige

Super helpful crew, super cruise!
What a friendly bunch of people at Blue Waves Cruises, they told us everything we need to know and where to go, we enjoyed our trip so much! Just cruising around the coast and stopping wherever you like for a swim is the best feeling in the world, try it!
Carl Schmitt, Deutschland